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8 Beliefs That Will Empower A Child Forever

“Believe That Life Is Worth Living, And Your Belief Will Create The Fact” -William James

My business partner Nicki had just been scrolling on Facebook when she suddenly came across a photo that would change our lives forever.

It was a photo of a pale blue lifeless 8-year-old boy.

The caption shared the fact that this little boy had already been bullied and had reported it.

However, it seemed that the bullying continued, pushing the young boy to the point where he lost his life to suicide.

Nicki had sent this photo to me, and as I read it I couldn’t help but get a tight and heavy feeling in my throat.

My eyes watered up and my stomach turned.

My heart felt broken by what I was seeing.

And for the first time in my life, I became extremely urgent about doing something to help children believe in their worthiness, value, and intrinsic “safeness.”

I know you may not be worried about your child losing their life to suicide, but there are so many children who do feel like they are not worthy, loved, or safe.

Some to the extent that they do things that some of us can hardly imagine.

And the reality is that suicide is the second leading cause of death for children from ages 10–24.

So the most important thing we can do for our children empowers them by helping them experience what it feels like to be worthy, loved, and safe.

When you feel those things deeply in your bones — showing up powerfully is a natural by-product.

After helping hundreds of adults overcome their insecurities and ways of being that didn’t serve them with the power of hypnosis, I began to see all of the subconscious beliefs that held people back and inhibited their expressions.

So with a perspective of seeing these problems build up over time and cause a lot of insecurities and limitations in adulthood, I’m writing this article to share how to prevent that.

Here’s a list of 8 Beliefs That Will Empower A Child Forever

1. “It’s Safe To Be Me.”

I remember standing in my grandmother's living room as I watched my dad, the strongest man in my life, drop to his knees and beg my mother not to leave him.

As I watched this happen I concluded that I was no longer safe.

These led to me holding back my emotions, not using my voice, and being afraid to be myself around other people.

Kids all over the world feel the same way like it’s just not “safe” to be them because if they do they may be hurt, criticized, or punished for expressing themselves authentically.

The fact of the matter is that when you don’t feel safe, you don’t feel secure in building the life that you want, and you also create emotional patterns that cause you to limit yourself in what you do and how you show up.

Believing that you are safe to be who you authentically are is the foundation of a rich human experience.

2. “I Am Enough As I Am.”

Have you ever wondered why people over-consume food, drugs, porn, work, etc.?

It many times comes down to the feeling of not being good enough without them.

When you don’t feel like you can meet your own needs emotionally, you seek external ways of doing so, and many times in not-so-healthy ways.

Believing and feeling that you are enough, or more than enough to meet and exceed all of your needs you naturally take better care of yourself — making it easier to show up for yourself.

Do you see why your kid believing this from a young age is so critical to the quality of their development?

3. “I Am Worthy And Deserving Of What I Desire.”

I have a lot of people who hire me to help them overcome procrastination or “laziness” as some would describe it.

But the reality is that nobody is a “procrastinator” or “lazy.”

They are instead intelligent and talented human beings that believe they aren’t worthy and deserving of what they want.

So what’s the point of being consistent with taking the actions you need to take to get where you want to go if you don’t deserve it?

Letting this belief go has given many of my clients the power to create what they truly want back to them.

Your children will find themselves living much happier, empowered, and more exciting lives with the belief that they are worthy and deserving of what they truly desire.

4. “I Am Loveable.”

Many of my clients were dealing with insecurities and habits that were limiting them like self-isolation and overeating.

Using hypnosis I saw that the root causes of most of these issues were experiences they had in their childhood that made them feel unloved or “Not loveable” as many of my clients said.

So they would build up this anxiety around other people or habits like overeating to express this belief outwardly.

And remember, all beliefs express themselves outwards.

Make sure your children know they are loved, and not just through your words, but through your actions most importantly

5. “Feeling My Feelings Is Okay.”

How holding in your feelings causes anxiety is a bit like how holding in a sneeze causes headaches.

Eventually, the pressure builds up to the point where it becomes unbearable, and you’re left with no choice but to release it.

Now, of course, you can’t exactly sneeze out your feelings (although some people come pretty close).

But the analogy still holds true — when you bottle up your emotions, they eventually come out in other ways, like anxiety.

In fact, anxiety is literally the result of built-up emotions seeking to express themselves.

If you grew up experiencing a lot of anxiety, then you know how important it is for your kid to know how normal and safe it is to feel their feelings.

6. “My Voice Matters.”

One of my clients was writing a book but for some reason kept delaying some of the big important decisions that would move the needle forward on the book.

When we used hypnosis to see what was going on, he went back to a memory of him being told by one of his cousins to “Shut up” because “nobody wanted to hear him.”

At that moment my client as a young four-year-old child said to himself, “This must mean that my voice does not matter.”

Building this fear of being heard, which I’m sure you can agree is an expression of putting your voice out there.

That would be scary for him and cause the fears and habits he came to me with.

Let your child ask questions, be curious, and use their voice — this will give them the belief that their voice is heard and matters, which will empower them in ways I can never fully describe.

7. “I Am Capable Of Doing Anything.”

How many times have you held yourself back in life because you felt like you couldn’t do something?

It’s a crippling feeling sometimes, and I know you wouldn’t want your children to feel like they are incapable of achieving what they really want to achieve.

Thomas Edison was described by his teachers at school as “Addled” — which means the inability to think clearly. They were basically calling him dumb.

This caused his mother to take him out of school, but she did it and lied to him about why.

Instead of telling him what the teacher had said, she told him she had to take him out of school because he was too smart for them and their teachers couldn’t teach him.

This instilled a deep sense of belief in himself, and he went on to become the Edison that we all know and love today for creating inventions that fundamentally created the world we know today.

The possibilities are infinite when you believe you can do anything, so make sure that no matter what your children know how capable they are.

8. “I Matter & I’m Significant.”

A client came to see me about 6 months ago because she was procrastinating on some big work projects because she kept getting caught up in doing things with/for other people.

When it came down to the subconscious belief that was causing all of this trouble, it was the belief that she was not important.

At a young age, not many kids would talk to her, and this led her to believe she was not important and not seen. She felt that she didn’t matter.

So she didn’t stand for her decisions and would let other people walk all over her; she lacked boundaries. Why? Because she felt that her needs didn’t matter since she didn’t matter.

Children growing up with these beliefs will only serve them and empower them to go after everything they want and of course, create the relationships that will fill their hearts.

In Conclusion

If you want to empower your children, start with instilling these 8 fundamental beliefs.

What they believe will create what they experience, so make sure these 8 beliefs are something you intentionally communicate and express in many ways.

Make sure you live out these beliefs yourself — your children model you so this is easily the most important part.

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